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Friday, November 27, 2009


Gabe: Well, thanks to some good friends, and to Karen's determination, we were able to do a real Thanksgiving get-together and enjoy some real Thanksgiving food. We definitely weren't going to cook up our own turkey and sides this year, but after a miserable day, Karen decided to go for it. We headed down the road, her medications in full-effect, and she was able to put away some turkey and mashed potatoes. Which meant I was able to pack in large portions of everything.

But, yesterday was definitely a down day compared to what she's had to deal with so far, and things seem to be getting worse. Today, Friday, was Karen's first full day entirely in bed. All day. She's still able to take in some food, but if things keep deteriorating at this pace, I think we'll look back at the first two weeks of HG as the good old days, before things got really serious.

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