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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Here we go

Karen: Just a quick update on how I'm feeling. For the last couple of days I've had constant nausea, not anything debilitating yet, but its there and though my meds knock it down significantly, I can tell its just messing with me right now, waiting to pounce on me just when I start to think this time may be different. I'm taking about half of my full dosage of medication (Zofran to control vomiting and Unisom/B6 to control nausea). I'm trying to stay hydrated, but am already barely able to choke down 40 ounces in a day. Though nothing sounds remotely appetizing, I manage to keep down little meals throughout the day.

I'd say the biggest clue I have that HG is looming is the ridiculous exhaustion that's come over me.  If I attempt much more than moving from my bed to the couch, I am overcome with dizziness and a faint feeling. The only other time I've felt anything like this was the last time I was pregnant!

More to come on Tuesday, when we get our third scan.

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