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Monday, November 9, 2009

Some green moments

Karen: So I'm now only 4 weeks 3 days and am already having moments of nausea and dizziness. The episodes are short lived and controlled by my medication (must be much like normal morning sickness!), but they are certainly little flashes of what will be my existence this winter.

I'm feeling sort of like a ticking time bomb, ready to blow at any moment, not knowing what the trigger will be. The last few days I've lived a half life, making no plans beyond the next few hours, panicking at every strange twinge or turn of the stomach, frantically trying to wrap up projects and jewelery commissions.

Going to see my OB tomorrow for the first time. We have so many questions and concerns; Why am I cramping all day, What are these sharp pains, Will she want me on home health care or in the hospital, Does she prefer PICC lines or NG tubes, Will she be willing to try corticosteroids even though she's never used them before...But mostly, I want her to get to know me, before I'm a crazy incoherent sick woman!

We've decided to include photographs on this blog. I never took monthly belly shots in my last pregnancy, but I'm sure going to try this time. So here you'll find both a 4 week belly pic, as well as a head shot of me at 4 weeks, healthy and happy. It'll be really interesting to see how my face and body changes over the next 36 weeks!

4 Week belly, complete with the extra 5 pounds I packed on in anticipation of the weight loss!

New haircut, happy cheeks!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your journey. At the start of my second hg pregnancy and came across yours.