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Monday, November 9, 2009

Ramping Up

Gabe: So even though we've been through this all before, enough time has passed that HG feels foreign in many ways. That being said, I think we know a LOT more about what's ahead this time than we did in 2002-3. Most of that comes from Karen's thorough research and involvement with the HG community online.

All I can do is prepare for as-bad or worse, and hope (realistically, optimistically) for a second HG pregnancy that's just the slightest bit more manageable than the last one. We don't expect lighter symptoms, but I feel like we can get out ahead of the HG with focus and hard work – some luck, for sure. And of course, with a mountain of courage on Karen's part.

My biggest contribution will be my presence, and as a result, my availability to help out with...everything. If my company gets behind a work-from-home arrangement, Karen and I (and Miya) can do this together – without going broke. Which is important. I'm hoping to find out what's possible with my work situation this week...

Still lots to learn on my part. And as the symptoms kick in, I'll need to learn-up on the specific treatments that Karen will need me to help with. Picc lines freak me out, and being responsible for managing one (air bubbles, avoiding and recognizing infections...yikes) is very intimidating. First OB appointment is tomorrow though, so I can start asking questions.

Sooooo, here we go!

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