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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Work is going to work

Gabe: The one major stress outside of the HG itself has always been around my ability – or potential inability – to continue making a living while being home to help Karen and care for Miya throughout the pregnancy. My company has approved a work-from-home arrangement, starting as soon as it needs to start, with full pay as long as I'm still able to work. If I can't keep up a regular pace from home, they'll shuffle me down a few hours a week. Which is is fine – I'd like to keep working, and be paid for the contributions I'm able to continue making. If I drop to 80%, I'll happily take 80% of my salary in order to keep this flexibility. All in all, they've been great – completely understanding and supportive beyond what could have been reasonably expected. So now we can just focus fully on the pregnancy, and on battling the HG.

And yeah, the last few days have been quietly intense. Fibroid tumors are totally benign, but can interfere with pregnancy in many ways. Of course, the mere thought of a tubal pregnancy was enough to throw our psyches completely out of whack. Not knowing exactly what's up, but knowing that something's going on...not fun, not glowy, not positive. But the optimism is back today, for both of us.

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