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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

SOOOOOOOO green :(

Karen: The good - still no vomiting. The bad - I've been sitting at the threshold for days. The ugly - haven't bathed in 3-4 days, my muscles are pretty much gone, my pee (I know, gross) is brown, and the meds I'm on...um....slow things down quite a bit...Hey, I promised to give you an account of an HG pregnancy, and it gets plain ugly!  Just trying to hold on until my next OB appointment on Friday before I go in for that dreaded first IV. The weird thing is, despite only taking in MAYBE 800 calories a day, I've only lost about a pound! At this point in my last pregnancy, I'd lost 8 pounds! So SOMETHING is going better this time. Honestly, I'm not nearly as miserable as I was last time....yet.

Sanity-wise, I'm hanging in there. It's really nice to have Gabe home, even if he's in the next room most of the time. I know he's got his ears perked to come when I call and give me my heart's desire (usually a vitamin water or a PB&J to nibble on). Miya checks in every once in awhile and does not seem traumatized yet, so that's good. Its a little lonely here in my little cave. I miss my friends. I miss fresh air! But I'm keeping my eye on the prize and damn, its a good one!

Yeah, I know...ugh.

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