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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A heartbeat!!

Karen: Just got back from our visit with the perinatologists in the city. The ultrasound showed our little pumkpin with a strong beating heart!!! Phew, what a relief. The mass on my right side turned out to be neither tubal nor fibroid, but a cyst, common in early pregnancy and already starting to shrink. So we are good to go!

That white blob, inside that dark sac would be our little pumpkin, only 6mm long! The little tics you see at the bottom of the scan is the heartbeat.

After the scan, we met with a perky young perinatologist who reviewed my history of hyperemesis, and compared my protocol to hers. They match up beautifully with one exception. She wants me admitted immediately if the need for an IV arises. She says she'd rather I spend a couple of days on fluids and IV meds, then have to go in once or twice a week for quick fluids in the ER or an infusion center. Fine by me, this says that my team is on top of things and is taking me very seriously. I couldn't be more pleased.

Luckily, things seem pretty medically controlled at this point. The nausea is near constant, but at a level I can handle. And there has been NO vomiting yet...WOW! Now, I am only 6.4 weeks, so things could change very rapidly and at any time. But so far so good....better than last time for sure! Still, its no cake walk, I'm in bed or on the couch all day and already my muscles are screaming to be used. The restless leg at night is almost as bad as the nausea! So I'm going to try doing some laps in our tiny condo, just to keep things moving.

So hopefully there won't be much drama for the next few weeks. If there is, Gabe will be sure to hop on and let you know. Happy Thanksgiving! We have much to be thankful for!!

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