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Friday, December 4, 2009

8 Weeks

Karen: I LOVE my ob!! She is wonderful and caring and gives it to me straight. She also lets me see the baby every time she sees me to remind me why I am putting myself through this Hell. Today, I could make out the head and see the little thing wiggle! The heart was beating steady at 160bpm and I'm still measuring right on track!

When she walked in today the first thing she said was "You look green, you're losing your freckles!". I explained that I'm still way better off than I was last time, and she said "Girlfriend, you've lost 2 pounds and you've got protein in your urine, you may think this is way better than last time, but I don't want you even getting THIS sick! I promised you a better pregnancy and I'm gonna get you there!" I wanted to hug her. She really gets it.

My perinatologist wants me admitted to the hospital now, before it get's worse. SCARY. My OB consulted with the head of obstetrics and they decided I can just make due with a couple of liters today and see if they can get me through the weekend. Either way, there's no avoiding the dreaded first IV!!

Now IV's can go a few different ways. If you happen to get Nurse Ratchet, then it will be sort of like torture; they just take that fat needle, jam it into a vein (or two- when you're dehydrated, veins may collapse), wiggle it around until you're about to pass out, then thread the catheter into the most uncomfortable spot, tape her down and flush you with high rate freezing cold saline and glucose...or whatever cocktail is called for. But if you are lucky enough to get a sympathetic nurse, usually one who's seen HG before, then it can be a walk in the park; a little injection of lidocaine so you don't feel that big needle at all, a quick and fluid threading of the catheter, warmed IV fluids at a slow drip complete with a good dose of anti-nausea meds, and a cozy blanket - it's enough to have you begging to stay there the rest of the pregnancy!

So I'm starting to feel a bit isolated. But much of that is my fault. I can't really talk on the phone; just too green. I'm trying my best to keep up on emails, but you know how it goes; out of sight, out of mind. My friends have gone on with their lives. Gabe will mention that so and so asked about me or so and so says hi, so I know I'm not totally forgotten. But man, its during times like these that friends will do one of two things; stick by you, or disappear until the weather is fairer. I'm very thankful for my sticky friends!

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