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Friday, December 18, 2009

10 Weeks!!!

Karen: Double digits! Saw the OB and the first thing she said was "I see some freckles returning!". My weight is the same as it was two weeks ago, still 2 pounds down, but holding steady! Tried to find the heartbeat on doppler, but its a bit too early, so she checked things out by ultrasound. Pumpkin is starting to look human! We saw a big head, fluttering heart and arms and legs flailing all over the place. I asked if it was ridiculous to think I'm feeling flutters already and she said that given the weight loss and how much the baby was moving she wasn't surprised. How cool!

I'm having a really good day today. After getting out for my appointment, I told Gabe to keep driving so we could shop a little (my first outing in 4 weeks!). I made it through Toys R Us and Borders and just as I was getting wiped out, I smelled the coffee from the cafe and decided I could risk trying a decaf Eggnog Latte and some pumpkin bread. Both went down smoothly, surprisingly, and I feel even better! Is this a sign of things getting better? Or a brief respite before another wave? Doesn't matter, I'm thankful for today.


  1. I was so happy to hear this! I really hope these good feelings continue.

  2. Thanks E. I hope so too! Not quite as energetic today, but my medication finally seems to be right on to control the nausea!