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Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Almost" 13 weeks!

Karen: Second Trimester starts tomorrow!! Even though this means nothing in terms of how I feel (pukey, thanks for asking), its a major milestone for me. I can relax a bit about losing this very much wanted pregnancy. I can look forward to less green days in the (hopefully) near future. And I will finally start to look pregnant!

On the HG front, I have slid back a bit. Was pretty much the most nauseated I've ever been this morning, but managed to keep it all in. I'm having to up my constipating med dosage again, which is a bummer. But hey, I never really liked pooping anyway. :) I've realized that it was just wishful thinking that I was coming out of it at 11-12 weeks.  It was too soon, and I should have known better than to get all excited.

On a much happier note; we had our Nuchal Translucency ultrasound today. Everything looks perfect!! Baby has all limbs, heart rate was a strong 160 beats, got some great pics of Pumpkin's profile, and even a VERY early estimate at gender (which we are not disclosing yet, because the doctor said she was not even close to sure)! Had a brief fibroid scare again, and again it turned out to be unfounded. I was contracting pretty strongly when they started the scan, so it appeared that I had a mass on my uterus. But after some rest on my side and allowing my bladder to fill a bit more, the contraction lifted and showed everything to be normal again. Whew!

Here are a couple of pics. One of cutie pie's face, which we swear already looks like Miya's profile. The other is a 6 day late 12 week belly pic. As you can see, I'm plumping up!


  1. hehe, you slipped up and said it looks like Miya, which means you think it's a girl! But either way you totally get to celebrate, your 1/3 of the way through :) I remember the feeling of being unsure, they/we thought Jax was a girl until the 5 month check up, what a jaw dropper that was (maybe a couple of tears too).I wouldn't change a thing about my handsome little man now, though. I Hope you start feeling less pukey soon soon soon!

  2. Ah, you might think that, but can't a brother have the same profile as his sister?! ;)

  3. I loved these ultrasound picts - isn't it amazing how good they are now? That is an amazing profile! LOVE it! :)