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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Test Results - Looking Good!

Karen: We got a call from our genetic counselor today with the results of my bloodwork last week.  We already felt pretty good about things considering how well our ultrasound went, but hearing the actual numbers put things in such a comforting perspective! Our chances of having a child with Down's Syndrome are 1 in 12,000 (average for a 31 year old is 1 in 909) and our risk for Trisomy 18 is 1 in 57,000 (normally, 1 in 2385). Those numbers are about as good as it gets!

On the HG front, all is pretty much the same. Eating is a struggle, but I manage to find enough foods to get down and even some variety. Drinking has become much easier as my thirst has really increased the last couple of weeks. Meds are keeping my nausea in check and I'm slowly starting to feel stronger and more energetic. We've been trying small outings to lunch, or the store the last week or so in order for me to build up some stamina before Gabe returns to work in the city.

On one of those said outings today, to Miya's ballet class, I got to experience the first "I didn't know you were pregnant!".  Apprently, I've moved beyond the "Is she fat or pregnant?" look and into the clearly preggo look! Woo hoo! Either that, or this lady had some cajones!! Regardless, it was nice to get to share it with the world a bit. Now, if only I'd start to glow!

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  1. Yay! Great news & glad to hear it's getting easier to stay hydrated. I've been drinking guava juice since we got back thanks to you guys, and love it! People here still aren't giving me enough credit for being pregnant - I blame the giant winter coats, :( (ah, well!)

    Have a great day!