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Friday, March 12, 2010

Another byproduct of HG? Or am I lucky enough to have another miserable issue?!

Karen: So I've hit 22 weeks now and am thrilled to be more than halfway through, but I gotta say - this pregnancy thing is for the birds!!

If I'm not feeling pukey, then I'm throwing out my hip, or struggling to breath, or experiencing tachycardia! I've had a couple of near fainting episodes that I had chalked up to anemia or low blood pressure. Well, it turns out neither are my issue - it's my heart! My resting heart rate at today's OB appointment was 104. Normally it's 68. During pregnancy, it was expected to get up to about 80 or so. So 104 is pretty fast, and I FEEL it! And this is at rest, if I try to say - make the bed - I feel as if I've just finished a kick boxing class. 

So next week, I'll be seeing a cardiologist for an ekg and possible home monitoring of my heart activity. My OB says there's not much they do to treat it, and I'll most likely have to learn to live with it while preggo and avoid anything that triggers it. UGH. I'm not sure what more I can avoid! I'm practically on bed rest as it is.

C'mon July! C'mon July!!

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