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Saturday, February 27, 2010

20 weeks: halfway there!

Karen: Boy, I've neglected this blog a bit, haven't I? I guess its because I'm doing much better and am out and about more! 16 weeks proved to be my magic number once again and since then I've been having more good days, more often. I am still medicated however, and may need to be for the duration of the pregnancy, but I'm on such low doses that I really don't mind.

I've learned quickly though, that although I don't feel as green these days, I'm not totally out of the woods. I've had several near-fainting episodes and have developed some pretty annoying heart and breathing issues. Waiting on blood work results to see what may be the cause. Speaking of blood work, I had my lovely 1 hour glucose tolerance test today! They had me drink this awful super sweet orange flavored, room temperature, non-carbonated syrup (10oz. of it!) and then I had to sit still for an hour with 50 grams of glucose wreaking havoc on my stomach and nerves before getting blood drawn. Normally, this test is done between 24-27 weeks, but since I'm having these funky fainting issues, my dr. decided to test me early. Glad to have it over with and crossing my fingers I won't need to go in for the dreaded 3 hour test (100 grams of glucose and FOUR blood draws in three hours!!)!

We've got a lot in store for us over the next month or so. First, a trip to New Orleans for a wedding. Then, the following weekend, a move to the next town over. And after that some greatly anticipated house guests! Hopefully, this means that time will pick up the pace a bit as we trudge closer and closer towards baby time!

So here's my 20 week belly. Feeling pretty big already, but know I have a LONG way to go!!

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  1. Glad to hear you've really turned the corner! Hope all keeps going well.