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Friday, March 26, 2010

24 weeks, feeling kicks up by the ribs!

Oh happy day, I've hit viability! I have a complete, albeit tiny, little person squirming around in my belly. She's just about 1 pound and about 12 inches long. Tiny and perfect.

The heart stuff is still bugging me. But all the tests are done and I will learn the results next week. We are hoping this is just a "normal" condition of pregnancy and that it will pass as I near the third trimester.

We've been wrapped up in a cross town move all week, which will finally be complete tomorrow when the furniture arrives. The new place is bigger, brighter and has a fabulous backyard which sits at the base of a grassy hill covered in eucalyptus trees. Located in a small culdesac, we've already met many of our neighbors and everyone has been welcoming and warm. What a great place to grow into a family of four!!

If you can't tell by my tone, I am on cloud nine these days. Cheerful in a way that I hardly recognize! My good mood has gotten me though this period of physical ailments and is keeping me hopeful that my body will just give in to this pregnancy and make room for baby without any more added pressure on my organs, bones and joints.

Pics to come...

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  1. I *love* eucalyptus trees! Glad to hear the move went well & you are happy!!!