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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hitting 16 weeks, a scare and great news!

Karen: So I've finally reached the point where things turned around in my last pregnancy. Of course, last time my relief was due to a course of hard core steroids. This time, I seem to have naturally come out of the worst of it! Although I still require medication and still have an odd green day, things are certainly looking up and my energy is beginning to return.  Gabe is officially back at work full time and the adjustment has been tough, but not impossible.

Last week we had a bit of a scare. I went to the bathroom in the middle of the day and found that I was bleeding and passing small clots. I was terrified, but had to keep it somewhat together since I was home alone with Miya. A phone call to my OB's office didn't ease my mind. I happened to speak with the only person in the office who doesn't know me and she was less than reassuring, saying to this terrified mama, "Geez, at 16 weeks its tough, there's really nothing that could be done..." and "We can't get you in today, you'll have to call the perinatologists in the morning to schedule an ultrasound". OMG! So I had to manage my heart palpitations alone until Gabe got home. The next morning we were lucky enough to get a fairly early appointment for a scan. They managed to rule out anything scary and concluded that it was most likely an isolated incident and was not a dangerous bleed. PHEW!

The silver lining of the whole experience? We got to take a peek at Pumpkin's "junk"! I was able to discern immediately that we are expecting a baby GIRL!! Of course, I had the ultrasound tech confirm it and we fell instantly in love. We surprised Miya with the news that evening over some fro-yo and she is beyond thrilled.

Here are some slightly overdue shots of my 16 week belly and the little girl scan. I guess I'm running on the slightly large side, because two people have told me in the last couple of days that I look a bit further along than I am. Thank you for that, total stranger and my doctor!



  1. So happy for you! & Great to see the post. Give Miya hugs & kisses from us - she's going to make a wonderful big sister! XOX

  2. Hey, are you giving up on the blog? What's going on? Where are the tummy pict updates?