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Friday, April 16, 2010


Gabe: Well Karen's been keeping up on the evolving (and new) conditions, and I had to be reminded that it's been forever since I chimed in here... I fell off from posting as Karen was coming out of the worst of the HG, but of course the Zofran has been a steady part of everyday life even this many weeks beyond the really bad days. Even with an HG pregnancy, after the HG has eased up a bit, there's still the regular challenges of cooking up a baby in the baby oven, and of course Karen doesn't have it easy on any front.

But focusing on HG for a minute, it's amazing to realize how bad it really can be. Everything that's ailing her now seems almost trivial by comparison... and they're not at all trivial of course. Looking back and remembering the misery she dealt with on a daily basis is kind of shocking. It was so normal for so long, but only after it's behind you do you realize the severity of it all. Even with the better medication/control and better planning, it still wrecked her. Anyway, in a twisted sort of way, I welcome the current problems because they're at least a little bit more 'normal'. Not that she's on easy street.

Eh, I wish there was more positive stuff to be posting about. There are some really cool things going on; early interactions with Karen's living belly, kicks and headbutts... talking to Siena, and knowing that she can hear me... just laying my hands across Karen's stomach, skin on skin, makes me so happy. OK, so there are positive things to post about, but it almost feels contrary to the theme of this blog. Maybe that's the point though; something really really wonderful is coming, all misery aside, and I hope Karen will feel as rewarded for her troubles with pregnancy #2 as she has been with Miya. I know she will be. 

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