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Friday, April 16, 2010

27 weeks, hormones and SPD

Karen: So I'm right on the cusp of the third trimester...Hallelujah! It's all downhill from here, but hopefully it's a quick ride. Lil' Miss Siena (have I mentioned her name yet?) is hanging in there, getting in her daily aerobics and responding to the voices of Mommy, Daddy and Miya. She startles when a loud and unfamiliar noise happens, so we know the girl can hear! At my last OB visit, my doctor told me she's head down...good girl. No c-sections this time, baby!

Ok, so you've seen me through the HG, which was mild this time and for the most part has passed. Then there was the tachycardia, which seems to be settling down a bit these days, though there are still triggers, namely showers and stress. And now there's...get ready for it...SPD. Short for Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, SPD is a condition where the hormone Relaxin, which is responsible for increasing flexibility and preparing the birth canal to stretch and give, goes a little overboard and allows your pelvis to misalign and even sometimes start to separate at the pubic bone. This is my new gripe, and it SUCKS! I've been waddling for a few weeks now, but its starting to get ridiculous. I can't lift a leg to get a sock on, shave or even climb out of bed. The wrong move sees me writhing in pain with hip or round ligament cramps, and my pubic bone feels like its been in a car wreck. Apparently, if I don't start some PT or Chiro treatments soon, I could find myself on crutches for the last few weeks of this...adventure. JOY! Luckily, my PT bro-inlaw is coming up this weekend to visit and I'm gonna put him to work!

And then there are the hormones. Oh lord, the emotions!! I'm not typically an emotional gal. I prefer to do my crying in private. When I watch a tear jerker, I usually pretend I've got dust in my eye...even in front of Gabe! I dunno why, I just don't like feeling vulnerable. But these darn hormones are making it so hard to keep the emotions in check! Anything can set me off, even something as simple and mundane as Miya calling me "Mommy"! Doesn't matter if I'm happy, sad or sentimental...the water works are bubbling up, just waiting to find a crack in my emotional wall. I wonder what will finally send me over the edge?

So there's where I am right now. Will post a new belly pic next week, and I'll even try to get some "Alien" moments on video - those are always a kick to watch (get it? Kick?)! Until then, go out and enjoy a nice long walk for me, 'cause I sure as heck 'aint gonna!

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